Oregon Lends A Hand as California Burns.

Oregon crews continue to help fight the wildfires in northern California.  More are on the way now, including some from Clackamas, Benton, and Douglas, counties.  They join Multnomah, Washington, Deschutes, Kalamath, Yamhill, Lane, and Linn Counties, just to name a few.  California has helped up tackle fires in the past and we are happy to help them now.   It would be hard not to when you see the devastation.  The death toll is now at 41.  My mom (who lives in Sacramento) was telling me about some of the families who fled with 60% of their bodies burned.  She told me about a child whose legs had to be amputated because they were so badly burned.



My friend manages a winery in the valley and lives in Napa.  Thankfully, her home and business, are safe but she’s dealing with smoke in the air and other issues.   She sent me some pictures that I’d like to share.




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