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Oregon Comic Artists On Display

Portland, Or. – Former Oregonian and now Sacramento Bee political cartoonist Jack Ohman is one of a number of Oregon artists featured in a new exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society. Executive director Kerry Tymchuk says “Oregon has a thriving comic industry and while many Oregonians are familiar with names like Jack Ohman and Dark Horse Comics, fewer know about the artists and writers who laid the path back in the 19th and early  20th centuries.”

The exhibit includes Homer Davenport, one of the nation’s earliest political cartoonists. Tymchuk says this was ” back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a pal of Teddy Roosevelt’s, was a fan of Teddy’s and they became friends.  and he was  a Silverton resident…..kind of a Jack Ohman of his day.” Ohman just won a Pulitizer prize for his work at the Sacramento Bee.

Tymchuk says with the presence of Dark Horse Comics, headquartered in Milwaukie Oregon , “we are again the ground zero for the comic industry.”

The exhibit opens today and includes a  free, public celebration on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. The exhibit includes interactive experiences including a station where you can create your own comic book and publish it. Another station lets you dress up as a super hero and take a picture. KXL’s Pat Boyle channeled her inner Wonder Woman and faced off against OHS Executive Director, Kerry Tymchuk.

Pat and Kerry




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