A Nip In The Air And Frosty Roads

PORTLAND, Ore.–  Old Man Winter is blowing cold air our way this week.  The Eugene area is reporting snow flurries this morning and temperatures in the upper 20’s at night through Friday.  Several warming shelters have opened there.  ODOT PBOT and WASHDOT are all prepared for the worst.  PBOT put deicer down on city streets last night.  ODOT has patrols out maintenance people are looking for trouble spots.  Western Washington county is has many areas of freezing fog.  26 headed to Mt. Hood has a number of icy spots

Hardware stores have been busy.  People are way ahead of the game after last Winter.  They are stocking up on Ice melt, Snow shovels and snow cleats.  Ankeny Hardware  says, ” It’s the busiest it’s been in 10 years ahead of bad weather.”  last Winter was a good lesson for all of us.    As the weather changes you will want to keep your radio tuned into FM News 101 for all the latest Traffic, Weather and  bad weather related stories.


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