New Earthquake Proof Bridge Design?

Portland, OR — Burnside Bridge

Reno, Nevada – Scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno this week are testing new bridge designs that could  handle major earthquakes. The Seattle Times reports they conducted a test the day after Mexico’s deadly earthquake.

The designs use ultra high performance concrete and special types of connectors to link pre fab bridge parts. The Seattle Times reports some of the design work is being used to a highway off ramp now being built in Seattle. It would be the first bridge in the world to use flexible columns and reinforcement bars made out of a metal alloy with titanium that bends and springs back into shape when an earthquake hits.

Over the summer, Multnomah County released a video showing what would happen to the Burnside Bridge during an 8-plus magnitude quake. It shows the bridge shaking and then falling apart.

Watch video here



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