Moore Or Bust – Could The Media Have Actually Helped Him?

By Jackson Sager

Here’s an unpopular opinion, maybe people in Alabama still want to vote for Roy Moore because they don’t trust the mainstream media.

A new CBS report says that about 71% of potential Republican voters in Alabama believe the reports are false, or they doubt them being factual. And while I don’t mean to make light of the allegations against Moore, they certainly could be true and I’m not his biggest fan, isn’t it rather telling that a massive group of people doesn’t think the reports are factual?

Headlines over the past year in particular have been divisive in a way that I believe ignores what journalists are supposed to be doing; reporting the news. The headlines instead tell stories of racist, bigoted, hateful, angry people who support the President. The varying degrees with which the headlines attack average Americans is wide, some show no bias, while others show bias to the extreme. This causes distrust, anger and frustration from people who otherwise would have trusted the stories they were told by big networks.

Nobody is exempt, I’ve seen a lot of stupid headlines that have ignored facts over the past year from every side imaginable in politics. But when it comes down to it I think the narratives put forward by many news networks, and their overwhelming opinions have driven people who feel underrepresented to distrust and flat out not believe what their told.

It doesn’t mean every story is false, not everything is fake news, and everybody should do their own investigation into stories. However, the damage may be done, and whether Roy Moore is guilty or not may not matter to the people who are going to be voting in Alabama next week. What does matter is the news networks saving face, getting back on track and remembering that it’s their job to drive the truth, to drive honesty, and give factual reports without wacky tag lines to the American people.

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