Machete Attack In Woodburn

389309 01/10/2017 07:14

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WOODBURN,Ore.- A  man accused of wounding four people in a machete attack last night in Woodburn is due to go before a judge today in Marion County Circuit Court.   A spokesman for the City of Woodburn, Jason Horton, identified the suspect as Allen Lee Brock. (photo above)  Horton says Brock was in the Woodburn Wal Mart last night when he allegedly broke some glass in an attempt to steal ammunition.   He made off with a machete.

According to Horton, Brock swung the machete at a Wal Mart employee, but didn’t hit him.  Brock later ran to some nearby apartments where he allegedly shoved a woman to the ground.  Horton says the suspect also “cut up three men with a machete, pretty good.”


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