Lewis and Clark Student Attacked in Suspected Hate Crime, Police Say

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Lewis and Clark student was attacked by three men, and it’s believed to be a hate crime. The 26-year-old victim is black. He was near the campus pool Friday night, when he was assaulted by three white guys. The victim says they used racial slurs before attacking him. He fought back and was able to get away. The suspects are described as three college-age white men, around 5’8″, with medium builds.

SATURDAY, NOV. 21, 2015 — Mayor Charlie Hales has issued the following statement in response to recent incidents at Lewis & Clark College:

“Over the past week, there have been several potentially threatening comments made on social media at Lewis & Clark College that have been directed at African-Americans. Last night on the campus, there was an assault on an African-American student. At this time there has not been a link between these events, and the Portland Police Bureau is actively investigating.

While we are a city that prides itself on the broad protection of free speech, no matter how abhorrent the content may be, I am calling on all of us to stand together against the use of ugly, disturbing language that inexcusably threatens or otherwise creates fear in any other person. Further, I ask each of us to be vigilant in reporting this kind of hate to the appropriate authorities, whether that’s campus police, administrators, or Portland Police.

We are in a particularly sensitive time here in Portland and around the world. It is imperative that we do as we’ve done time and time again, and show the world that in Portland, we take care of each other; that we choose to live in Portland because of community, not in spite of it.

It’s a time of reflection as we approach the holidays and the end of the year, and I ask each of us to not just think about the tragedies happening around us, but also to dig into our vast reserves of compassion and treat each other with the respect and dignity we all deserve.”

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