Learn Computer Code For The Future!

Portland, Oregon – What kids are learning in school today, might not actually help them very much in the future. Experts predict 65% of today’s students will work in jobs that don’t even exist right now. But there’s a growing movement trying to fix that. It’s called Hour of Code. A global movement to get kids, teachers, and parents more computer-savy and prepared for the world of tomorrow. Microsoft is teaming up with schools to make it happen.

It’s all about teaching everyone, including parents and teachers about the basics of computer coding language, so you can create, not just use, technology. There are hour of code events happening all around Portland and the Pacific Northwest right now.

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The first week of December marks Computer Science Education (CS Ed) Week, dedicated to helping everyone, including parents and teachers, understand that they can learn the language of computing and create, not just use, technology. Millions of kids and others will participate in an Hour of Code, a global call to action to spend an hour learning the basics of coding.

Microsoft aims to help more students appreciate the importance, versatility and creativity that define coding. The company released a new Minecraft tutorial for Hour of Code, called “Hero’s Journey,” which is being used in classrooms, at after-school programs, community centers and homes everywhere. The tutorial uses game elements loved by so many young people, and introduces a fun character called the Agent, to present computer science concepts in a fun and creative way.


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