Lars Thoughts – What Are You Protesting?

By Lars Larson

I despise the Anti American message of the NFL player’s protests. I think the “No Fans Left” league will find out soon how many Americans agree with President Trump’s comments on Friday.

I don’t watch much football truth be told, but when I see stories about the likes of Colin Kaepernick, I agree with Trump.

Still, I’d like to know what they’re actually protesting.

Is it so called “police brutality”? Is it lack of opportunity in America for black citizens? The stories today name some or all of those questions as the reason for the protests. But those issues were all around during the previous President so I figure it’s really about Donald Trump.

And the crazy thing is, folks keep saying this is about first amendment free speech. Please understand the U.S. Constitution protects your free speech from government, not your boss. If you work at McDonald’s and you start protesting that “meat is murder” to customers, expect to get a pink slip. If you’re a member of the spandex mafia and start telling your customers at the car dealership about the evils of fossil fuel, you’ll be pedaling your bicycle to the unemployment office.

If you don’t like the result of an election. Grow up. It’s the best system anywhere on planet Earth found so far. When and if we ever go back to the rule of the mob, where elections are decided by the loudest protests, then the great American experiment with self government is over.

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