Lars Thoughts – Show Al Franken The Door

By Lars Larson

The United States Senate should tell Al Frankenstein to “get out”. The former comedian, failed talk show host and now Senator has always been a creepy guy.  

But if giving him the boot seems harsh, consider what the Senate did with Oregon Senator Bob Packwood nearly a quarter of a century ago. I consider Senator Packwood a friend and I think he’s one of the smartest guys on tax policy in America. But when he was in office he was accused by several women of pushing kisses they didn’t want and putting his hands where they didn’t belong.

In the end, he resigned. Democrats have already said want Judge Roy Moore of Alabama barred from the Senate because of things he allegedly did almost 40 years ago. And now, we know that about a decade ago, right before he became a Senator, Franken decided that a USO tour in Iraq to lift the spirits of our troops was his opportunity to stick his tongue in the mouth of a journalist who was once a playboy model.  

When she rebuffed him, he took a picture that showed him groping her as she slept.

If Packwood had to go and Moore doesn’t belong, what will our democrat friends say about Frankenstein fingers.

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