Lars Thoughts: Restorative Justice is a Joke

By Lars Larson

Restorative Justice is a joke.

The Parkland, Florida high school where Nick Cruz murdered 17 people had Restorative Justice under something called the “Promise” program. It allowed the school to virtually ignore Cruz many acts that should have resulted in a call to police.

The Broward County Sheriff’s department loves it…because it means they don’t have to confront the thorny problem of juveniles committing crimes in schools. So Cruz’s crimes were ignored and the rest is history.

Vancouver, WA Schools just this week ordered principals NOT to call local police when kids commit assault, drug crimes and cyber crimes at school.

Instead Restorative Justice…basically singing Kumbaya and hoping for the best.

So far the schools have refused my requests for an interview. I’d like to ask them what they’re going to tell parents and the community when, God forbid, a Northwest Nick Cruz comes to a classroom near you.

What we should demand is that the school board forbid this practice…and when kids commit crimes…call the folks equipped to deal with it…local cops and courts.

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