Governor’s Race Close, Trump in Trouble

Image: AP

Portland, Oregon – A new political poll says the Governor’s race is surprisingly tight, and Trump is in trouble. The nonpartisan group I-Citizen conducted the poll. Governor Kate Brown holds a modest seven point lead over Republican challenger Bud Pierce, 42 % to 35 %, with 23 % still undecided. The Portland Tribune reports it’s a surprise to some given that Oregon is a solidly blue state and Brown is a prominent Democrat. Brown is doing better among younger voters where Pierce is stronger with voters over 50. On the Presidential race Secretary Clinton holds a 14 point advantage here, leading Donald Trump 46% to 32%. With just over 20% still undecided. It may or may not be surprising that Secretary Hillary Clinton is doing well here and is beating Trump in almost every category except among Republicans. Some national pundits suggest Clinton struggles to connect with the youth, but Oregon voters under the age of 34 give her a 54% to 21% advantage. What might be surprising is Clinton has a stronger support from Oregon Dems than Governor Kate Brown does, and same in the Portland area. Governor Kate Brown has struggled in past elections, but she has a considerable fundraising advantage over challenger Bud Pierce at the moment. But there’s still a ton of time between now and November. KXL reporter Jacob Dean spoke to both Brown and Pierce on primary election night back in May.


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