First Frost

In my garden this past week, we got our first killing frost and the dahlias, which were blooming earlier in the week, are black and the flowers withered.  The tropical red leaf bananas are no longer red, but are turning black like the dahlias.


As I walked out to look at the bananas, something white caught my eye and it was the winter blooming white sasanqua camellia that I have trained on a trellis.  Its blooming season is just beginning.


Listener Garden of Margie Butts

In my continuing series of visiting with local home gardeners about their gardens and what makes them unique, my guest on November 23 is Margie Butts in Hillsboro. Margie has created a beautiful garden in the area between the curb and sidewalk.


This is an area in full sun and from the pictures she sent me, it is easy to see this garden is planted with an assortment of perennials which provide a spectacular show of color in the summer.


It is fun to see some of the unique items gardeners use and the wedding dress, complete with hat, in Margie’s garden is a great example of this.  She brings it out in June and leaves it up all summer and it is quite a conversation piece.  Margie told me that both the garden between the curb and sidewalk and the wedding dress have been a wonderful way to meet neighbors as people don’t just walk by, they stop and talk.  We also get a peek at Margie’s back garden.




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