Embrace the Cloth, Even for #2?

The Long & Short of it, KXL

Heard of the family cloth? Well, folks use cloth instead of toilet paper… wash ’em and re-use them.

Those that do, swear by it, they say it’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, and they say they feel much cleaner… they say it also feels better on your tush.

Some families say they only use the squares of cloth for number one, others say they’re all in, and use the cloth wipes for number two too.
Most folks say they made their own squares out of t-shirt material or flannel so it feels nice. They keep hampers next to the toilet, so you just toss it in after you wipe, sort of like a cloth diaper hamper.

One family says they keep a spare roll of TP handy, in case their guests are most comfortable with paper.

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