Don’t Let A Convicted Murderer Go Free

Today Dennis Doern joined Lars. Mr. Doern’s then brother-in-law Bobby Gibbs was murdered by Kevin Roper. Here is the story from the Oregonian in 2013:

     Convicted killer Kevin Roper of Portland will remain in prison for at least another 2  1/2 years after the state parole board decided in a split vote Tuesday to deny his release, saying that he poses a threat to society. Two board members said Roper’s “emotional disturbance” makes him a continuing danger, but one board member believed Roper was no longer a risk. Roper was among 30 killers affected by a 2011 Supreme Court ruling that determined they had been in prison too long before getting considered for parole. Roper was 19 when he pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in the 1987 death of Eddie L. Gibbs, 20, in exchange for a life sentence. Roper told police he hit Gibbs in the head with a hatchet after he and another man robbed Gibbs. The men then tied Gibbs to a pole at a Southeast Portland drive-in theater and left him to die. Roper choked up several times Tuesday as he recounted what he did before the board. He kept his eyes closed as the mother and sister of the man he killed testified. The board set his potential release date for Feb. 14, 2016.

Dennis says that letters from the public will have a significant impact on the Parole Board to keep Roper behind bars.

Letters can be mailed to the Parole Board at 2575 Center Street NE, Suite 100, Salem, OR 97301, or can be e-mailed to Robyn Masella, Victims’ Specialist OR Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision at  

Letters and emails have to be in by November 2.
And of course, anyone who has questions about submitting letters can call Dennis Doern at 503.945.0907. The hearing is November 16th. Letters and emails have to be in by November 2.


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