Deputies Pull Driver From Burning Car Moments After Crash

Beaverton, Oregon – A fiery crash on the Sunset Highway early Wednesday morning. Deputies pulled wrong way driver, 22 year old Mohammed Warfa, from the burning wreck and saved his life. Warfa was going west on the eastbound Sunset Highway, heading right for a deputy’s patrol car. The deputy got on the police radio and let others know, then jumped on the westbound Sunset to follow the car. He found it crashed and on fire in the center median near Murray. Detective Mark Povolny says they’re just thankful nothing worse happened and everyone’s okay. Deputies were able to cut the guy out of his seat belt and pull him to safety.

Beaverton police say Warfa was drunk, with a blood alcohol level almost triple the legal limit. He’s been cited for DUII, reckless driving and reckless endangering.

KXL’s Pat Boyle contributed to this report.

Image courtesy of Beaverton Police.



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