Commissioner Novick Trash Talks Oregonian

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick is trash talking the Oregonian. On his blog Tuesday, Novick struck back at the paper and its criticism of City Hall.

“You can sit back and take it, or respond in kind” Novick tells KXL’s Lars Larson Show. “Actually it was after I saw Richard Sherman’s over the top post NFC post victory explosion the other day that I thought ‘Hell, let’s trash talk them (the paper) back and do it better.’ “

Novick says the City Council has kept silent over the Oregonian’s recent editorials and articles, but he finally had enough of being called ‘mediocre.’

“They’ve been sort of pounding  us over the last couple of weeks and it really has been over the top, and you don’t really expect editorial pages to call the entire city council mediocre.”

On his blog Novick wrote ‘You want to talk about mediocre? A paper that only delivers four times a week, now that’s mediocre. You want to question our commitment to jobs? Seriously?  The paper that specializes in firing people-good people like Ryan White and Scott Learn-wants to talk about jobs?

Oregonian Editor Peter Bhatia told KXL “Steve is an outspoken and entraining and smart guy and is entitled to his opinions and I respect that  very much.”

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