Cold Weather Means Gas Savings?

Does filling up when its cold outside get you more gas for your money?

It’s called ‘Thermal expansion,’ and the idea is that gasoline will contract in low temperatures, and that will result in more gas per gallon being pumped into your car’s tank.

“The answer is, it’s hard to say for sure,’ says AAA Oregon Spokesperson Marie Dodds. “Lets say that you’re buying a gallon of gas at $3.30 a gallon, and you bought your 15 gallons of gas a week at that price. You might be able to save about one percent, or twenty five dollars a year.”

Dodds says gas is stored in tanks underground, where temperatures are more regulated and are not as extreme as they are at the surface. So, how advantageous is it to fill up when it’s cold outside? “It depends on how important it is to you to save a few cents” says Dodds.

And according to Consumer Reports any difference you’ll see in the amount of gas you can pump on a hot versus cold day is negligible.



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