City Says YES to New Police Contract, Activists Protest

PORTLAND, Ore.– The Portland city council approved a new Police association contract this morning.  It’s been a very contentious thing over the last few weeks especially because of police shootings that have taken place across the country.  Protesters with Black Lives Matter and Don’t Shoot PDX have camped out by city hall and stormed the lower floors of the building in recent weeks.  Proceedings at city council chambers had to be stopped because members of the audience became pretty rowdy.

The mayor and commissioners had to move to the Rose room to complete their presentations and take a vote.  City commissioner Steve Novick   voted NO.  Amanda Fritz YES Nick Fish YES and Mayor Charlie Hales  who is also the Police Commissioner also voted YES.  Commissioner Dan Saltzman was not present.

News of the vote made protesters angry.  They were ushered out of city hall by police.  Police appeared in riot gear for awhile.  Pepper spray was used on some defiant protesters.  A large group stopped MAX  and buses from running on S.W.  6th  The protest has continued into the afternoon


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