Average Joe Movie

Paper Towns

PAPER TOWNS Paper Towns is the latest from The Fault is in Our Stars writers […]


ANT-MAN Ant-Man inserts yet another Marvel character into its ever growing stable of super heroes. […]

Infinitely Polar Bear

INFINITELY POLAR BEAR Infinitely Polar Bear casts the always likable Mark Ruffalo as Cam. He’s […]

Mr. Holmes

MR. HOLMES Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite characters. Early in life — like […]


MINIONS Minions gives the characters that were the best part of the two Despicable Me […]


SELF/LESS Ben Kingsley is Damien, a rich beyond belief, self-absorbed billionaire. He’s also a visionary […]

Magic Mike XXL

MAGIC MIKE XXL Magic Mike XXL has me puzzling over the exact meaning of XXL. […]

Terminator Genisys

TERMINATOR GENISYS Terminator Genisys reboots the series. Great idea. Like the J.J. Abrams did to […]

The Overnight

THE OVERNIGHT You’re a couple. New to town, hanging out in a park with your […]

Ted 2

TED 2 Ted 2 is just as silly as the original. Writer/director Seth MacFarlane and […]