A Year Ago We Changed For The Better

It’s been a year since President Donald Trump was elected. I still don’t think the left has recovered.

Today there were supposed to be people protesting Trump by screaming into the sky, the left wanted to abolish the electoral college and impeachment talks are ongoing. It seems that the fun never stops.

But in that one year a couple of important changes have been made. The economy is stronger, reaching heights it didn’t touch in eight years of the Obama administration, illegal immigration is being cracked down on and we might see the first meaningful tax reform in 30 years.

The man isn’t perfect, no President ever is. But if you think we were better off a year ago, I think you’re a little nuts. Or an illegal alien. Because they were probably better off here a year ago. Now we let law enforcement do their jobs, and we’re turning America back to the strong country it needs to me.

We’re one year into #MAGA, and hopefully we’ve got seven more years to go.

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